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Daily Video

by Rob Dore | April 5, 2011

This is so utterly disappointing that I may look for something a little more interesting to put up later on. Didier Drogba’s reported spat with a fan involved little more than some in the crowd saying something we can’t make out and the Chelsea striker, not looking especially miffed, inviting the culprit to…yawn…sorry it’s such a non-story I’m not even going to finish describing it. Thankfully it’s only 30 seconds long so you should be able to get through it without nodding off. Not that it’s needed but, in attempt to garner some worth from displaying this clip, at least it stands as further proof that the tabloids will say anything to fill a few column inches. It makes one wonder if this is part of a government led plan to dumb down the populace, so we won’t be capable of doing the maths the next time they screw us over. Which won’t be long. Wheverever you live.

Just watch the video, even though it’s crap.


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