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by Aidan Elder | April 5, 2011

Right, last week’s ‘guess the player from the seemingly random sequence of arrows’ competition turned out to be way, way simpler than I’d hoped so this week I’ve upped the ‘pain in the ass ‘level. I’ve braved the deepest, darkest depths of my attic to get my collection of Shoot and Match magazine collection 1988-2001 to pick out a really random name. I think I’ve got a beauty, but in about 5 minutes, I’ll probably check my mailbox and find out it wasn’t very difficult at all.

Win A Free Bet

It’s the same deal as last week. That white dot is where his senior career began and all you have to do is football the arrows from there. Send your username and your answer to with the subject line “I think I’ve made sense of your convoluted competition”. [Answers in the comments section will NOT be entered into the competition]. Multiple entries are fine, but excessive wrong answers may be ridiculed until my fingers cramp up from the excessive typing of insults.

This week we’re slightly tweaking the prize fund. There’s still a Free €/£50 Bet up for grabs, but for each external retweet (external = not from one of the various Paddy Power twitter accounts) we get, we’ll add €/£1 to the prize pool. Sorry about the fairly crap incentive, but it’s the first time we’re trying this so we’re taking it easy. Plus, don’t you remember that famous old saying ‘even a €/£51 Free Bet is better than a €/£50 Free Bet’? And sorry if you’re not on twitter and you can’t retweet, but at least you can enjoy the benefit if all the people ‘down with it’ enough to have a twitter account get into the swing of things.

Here’s the tweet to retweet or alternatively, hit the Tweet button below and include the hashtag #whoscareer

Only retweets and entries before midnight on Sunday 10th April will count.
Best of luck one and all.

– Paddy Power intend to go through with the ‘money for retweets’ idea, but if there’s some oversight on our part, we reserve the right to pull the promotion at any given time. Only one retweet per customer will count towards the total, but any others are gratefully received. The maximum Free Bet will be €/£150.
– In the likely event of multiple correct answers, the winner will be drawn at random. Paddy Power decision is final and moaning will be ignored and/or mocked remorselessly.
– You must have a account and be over 18 to enter or else you’re playing effectively as an amateur.


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