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by Aidan Elder | April 6, 2011

Grand National App

Looking For Love(ly money)?
There’s 40 runners. They’ve to run four and half miles and to top it all off, some wise guy stuck a load of 5 foot fences in the way. Picking your horse for the Grand National can be difficult – unless of course you’re one of those people who just goes with their favourite colour or a name that has even the slightest connection with their own life. They’re easily satisfied and will settle for just about anything.

That is indeed a metaphor for love you might say and although the draconian laws of this country won’t allow us to partner people up with actual horses in a romantic context, we’ve got the next best thing.* Our techie brainiacs have come up with a fancy gizmo that takes all the attributes you’re looking for in a horse and calculates the one best suited to your preferences. Using a new technology called ‘magic’ we believe.

That’s made it sound unnecessarily complicated so here’s the dumbed down version – Click, Click, Click = horsey.

If you’ve got a Facebook account, then give it a go here and if you don’t have a Facebook account, pah … you’re so not with it – modern society judges you with suspicion.

*May not be the next best thing – depends on what you’re in to really.


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