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Golf Betting

by Aidan Elder | April 7, 2011

Golf Betting

What It’s Like To Be A Pro Golfer
The Masters has got underway in the last while, but thanks to some fairly strict rules about broadcasting it, we’ll get to watch something in the region of about 7 minutes of it later tonight between the hours of 10.30pm and 10.37pm. In the meantime, we’re going to need some entertainment and Sherrie Daly (that’s Mrs. John Daly IV) has done the honours. Pulling the old Cheryl Cole trick of hanging on to the name for the sake of the ‘brand’, Mrs ex-Daly has a book to flog and she’s been giving us mere golfing mortals a glimpse of the temptation that surrounds the very finest silly pants wearers in the world.

There are four groups of hookers out there on the PGA Tour. There are the clubhouse whores, there are the occasional stops where there are strippers, then you have your prostitutes at a couple of places. And then there are the whores that just go down the money list and pick out a player and go out and follow him whether he’s married or not.

So a lot of whores by the sounds of it. Check out the entire sales pitch here or alternatively just buy the book. It would be a great present for any dad’s out their. Providing your dad is Hugh Hefner.


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