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Random Interweb Video Of The Day

by Aidan Elder | April 8, 2011

No one in the Paddy Power Journalists’ Cupboard knows what a Justin Bieber is. Some kind of disgusting sex act a la the Dirty Sanchez is my best guess. As none of us were born in the naughties, we’ve completely missed this ‘global musical phenomenon’ (impartial as ever there Wikipedia), but apparently he’s a big deal with the kids of today for his sensational ability to use an auto-tune machine. Here he is training with the Barcelona team for some reason that escapes us. Crap haircut, sluggish in possession and woefully one-footed – he’s Michael Carrick’s natural successor!

Oh and we’ve been told the reason is Barca have no money are clearly trying to get their hands on the pocket-money of the world’s kids to finance the purchase of Cesc Fabregas.


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