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An Early Entry for the Most Misleading Headline of the Year

by Aidan Elder | April 12, 2011

We spotted this little sensationalist beauty whilst doing our daily ‘making it looks like we know what we’re talking about’ round-up:


We were a little shocked to be honest.
With the club making progress under Kenny Dalgish another key player leaving could really set the process back – all the way back to mid-January when they were totally crap rather than just being sporadically crap like they are now. So who is the star with itchy feet? Is Stevie G concerned King Kenny’s revolution will come too late for him to win that much coveted bigger pay-cheque from Chelsea Premier League winners’ medal? Maybe Pepe Reina has decided to do the unthinkable and take up van der Sar’s role of watching crosses whizz past his nose at Old Trafford. Or perhaps the level of fisticuffs in Liverpool aren’t just up to the standard of Andy Carroll and he wants a move home.
So who is the star whose departure could so undermine Liverpool’s rebuilding?

Err …. Alberto Aquilani – the unloved injury crock that most Liverpool fans had forgotten the club even own.


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