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by Aidan Elder | April 12, 2011

Yes, it’s that time of the week when it’s my chance to become a little bit Les Dennis. No, I’m not sobbing uncontrollably into a pair of Amanda Holden’s underwear she doesn’t know I still have, I am in fact talking about this week’s dose of quizzy goodness.

The Who’s Career Is It Anyway? malarkey of the last couple of weeks has been a huge success (if I say it often enough then someone might believe it) but I’m giving it a rest this week (mainly because I don’t have the time to throw a load of arrows together and call it a competition due to the fact I was off on Monday getting my hair cut. It was a lovely haircut, mind you) We’re going for something more traditional and what’s more traditional than thinking of words and blurting them out? Nothing really.

The headline that we want you to finish off this week is:
Win A Free €/£50 Bet

There is a correct answer, but an ability to google it and read isn’t enough for us and we want you to come up with the answer that gives us the biggest chuckle without besmirching the good name of either Gareth Bale, the people of Wales or Tottenham fans.

Only joking, besmirch away.

Stick your suggestions in the comments section below and your username would be quite handy too if you fancy your chances of actually winning. The answer that tickles the collective funny bone of our panel of comedy experts the most will win at least a €/£50 Free Bet.

I’m saying ‘at least’ because as we did last week, we’re shamelessly bribing you to retweet this around the world wide web – or twitter at least. Retweet this competition using the hash tag #missingwords and we’ll add €/£1 to the prize fund for every person that does it.

Both answers and retweets need to be in before midnight on Sunday 17th April.

Good luck. And may the funniest fecker win.

– Paddy Power intend to go through with the ‘money for retweets’ idea, but if there’s some oversight on our part, we reserve the right to pull the promotion at any given time. Only one retweet per customer will count towards the total, but any others are gratefully received. The maximum Free Bet will be €/£150.
– Paddy Power decision is final and moaning will be ignored and/or mocked remorselessly.
– You must have a account and be over 18 to enter or else you’re playing effectively as an amateur.


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