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And The Winner Is …

by Aidan Elder | April 18, 2011

And with facebook well and truly stalked and a somewhat stale Monday morning muffin digesting, it’s time to pick a winner for last week’s riotously funny Missing Words competition. We give you the headline – you fill in the words in the most amusing and potentially libellous way possible.

The correct answer was ‘Bale: I Believe In Miracles’ and was of course in reference to Spurs trying to overturn a 4-0 deficit at home to Real Madrid in the Champions League. With the benefit of smug hindsight, that was funny enough on its own – especially when you’ve Heurelho Gomes in goal behind you – but sadly all you get for a correct answer in this quiz is a sarcastic round of applause and some dirty looks shooting their way across the interweb in your general direction. We wanted the funniest answer or failing that – something that appealed to our childish sense of humour.

The twitter counter thingamabob says it was retweeted 22 times, so taking into account my shameless self-promotion and a bit of shameless promotion from other Paddy Power twitter accounts, I’ll take 5 off meaning we’re left with a prize of a [TA-DA!] €/£67 Free Bet. If that sounds like we’re being a bit scabby, well it’s your fault – you should have been hassling your twitter friends with this competition a lot more over recent days.

We hadn’t noticed Bale’s similarity to a primate prior to this competition, but judging by the theme of many of the answers, the rest of the world has. After sifting through all the monkey gags, ABBA, New Model Army and Cher (!!! – what are you doing to me people?!) lyrics, our panel of comedy experts decided that the winning answer that no-one else will probably agree with is:

Win A Free Bet

Congratulations Paul Bartlett. You successfully captured the zeitgeist currently challenging the varying branches of monotheistic religion and – more importantly – gave us a laugh by slagging some people off. There’s a €/£67 Free Bet winging it’s way to your account as you read.

Thanks for all your answers. There were loads of really good ones that gave me a hearty chuckle as I had Google open trying to figure out what a lot of you were on about. Come back tomorrow for some more blog competition fun. I can’t reveal too much about what I’ve got planned, but suffice to say the words ‘Who’s Career’, ‘slight modification’ and ‘gigantic pain in the ass’ will all feature substantially.


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