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Caption Competition: Win A £/€50 Free Bet!

by Rob Dore | April 18, 2011

Arsene Wenger was mightily peeved that his side’s extra-time penalty was cancelled out by Liverpool’s extra-time penalty and seemed genuinely shocked, and a little hurt, the monsieur Dalglish didn’t agree. At least we think telling him to ‘piss off’ is an expression of disagreement. Any Scots on here who can shed some light on the possibilty of an unknown coloquial meaning for that phrase ?

What we want to know is what did Arsene say to extract such a response from Kenny Dalglish? (We know what he actually said, the idea is that you come up with a different, preferably comical alternative).

I’ll award the free bet on Thursday and remember all decisions are final and all whingeing will be ignored.

We have winners!!
I’m splitting the free bet between Lee Darrell and elflaco1. Read below for their entries. Well done guys.

Kenny swears at Arsene

Why are ze peas off? I was looking forward to zem!


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