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by Aidan Elder | April 19, 2011

The Most Thrilling Finish On Wheels Since The OJ Simpson Car Chase
If your TV has ever frozen on Sky Sports 4 of a Sunday night or you’ve been stuck in a town that looks suspiciously like the set of My Name Is Earl for a prolonged period of time, then the chances are you know a little bit about NASCAR. Other people may have heard of it, but mainly think of it as a load of American Dixie rednecks racing zupped-up stock cars around the deep south of the US of A. Allow us to correct that misguided prejudice – those rednecks also travel to a few northern states during the season.

I don’t want to pan Snoormula 1. The Chinese Grand Prix was pretty incredible with the way Lewis Hamilton had a set of tyres that were slightly better than a set of tyres some other guy had, but they really know how to produce a thrilling finish in NASCAR. After watching the cars go around the same oval track for hundreds of laps, it’s the least they could do. They may not know much about the outside world or expanding the gene pool, but they can provide some top-notch motor racing entertainment – eventually. Let’s be honest – after the way The Sopranos ended, the Yanks owed us at least one interesting finish.

This is from last Sunday’s race in somewhere where they play a lot of ominous sounding banjo. The winner takes the chequered flag an incredible 0.002 seconds ahead of the guy in second and the first 8 cars home are separated by less than 15 hundredths of a second. That’s less time than it took for Paddy Power to turn down our latest request for a new set of quills.

Wow! It’s almost enough to make us sit through an entire race. Almost. For the moment, if we want something southern, uncouth and of questionable entertainment value, there’s always Britney Spears.


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