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Video: A German Shows A Little Passion Shock!!

by Rob Dore | May 5, 2011

After Schalke’s embarrasingly poor efforts against United in both legs of their semi-final tie, I’d like to restore Germany’s reputation by showing that not all their footballers are spineless, passionless chokers. A little harsh perhaps but this was a Champions League semi-final and Ferguson started with Darron Gibson in the midfield!!! Here’s a clip we lifted off of Lothar Matthaus going nuts at his fellow Al Jazeera presenters during a Bayern Munich Champions League game this year. He lapses into what sounds uncannily like my own rubbish Arnold Schwarzenegger impression and makes you laugh with his less than fluent English. We’re not sure exactly what set him off but it’s that kind of attitude which made him a winner…and a bit of a dick apparently but still a winner.


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