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Random SFW Videos Of The Day

by Aidan Elder | May 11, 2011

I have to admit, when I saw this video first, I thought ‘Wow – a video of Kevin Prince Boateng not scoring a goal – the internet must be bursting at the seams with videos of Kevin Prince Boateng not scoring a goal.’ Like a good defender, I kept my eye on the ball and completely missed the involuntary striptease going on in the background.

Some defender rips his shirt – yeah, it’s not the funniest video you’ll ever see, but that’s a quite a gun show going young Kevin Prince has going on.

That was a bit of eye candy for the ladies and a specific type of gentleman, so let’s level things up for the men and a the most fantastic type of woman. Here’s a lady flashing fans at Mexican match last weekend.

And don’t worry – it is SFW. Sadly.


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