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Video: Shite Keeping, Shite Finish…I Say Can Shite, Right?

by Rob Dore | May 13, 2011

Word has it that Robert Green is to be the latest of England’s over-hyped, calamity prone goalkeepers to announce he’s taking a sebatical from undermining his national team’s chances. Worry not Fabio, we may have found you a perfect replacement. By ‘we’, I really mean the guys at who I nicked it from…or whoever they may have nicked it from. Whatever, they didn’t shoot the bloody footage.

Anyway, with a name like Hamlet Barrientos there’s a chance he could qualify for England…if he is in fact named after the Shakespeare character and that somehow signifies an English connection. Which it doesn’t really. The La Paz stopper had a bit of a Barthez moment as the San Jose midfielder, Maxi Andrade, bore down on goal. Luckily Andrade then had a Robbie Keane/Emile Heskey moment of his own and hit the post from two yards with the goal gaping. Funny stuff which made me feel a whole lot better about my recent five-a-side performances.


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