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Daily Videos: Gratuitous Violence Special

by Aidan Elder | May 16, 2011

Sadly, the footage of Chris Ashton getting walloped by Manu Tualagi has been taken off Youtube. Whoever owns the rights to it must be planning to release it as a DVD just in time for Christmas. If you haven’t already seen it, just imagine a rabid grizzly bear putting an uppity lamb firmly back in his box. Here’s a blurry screenshot courtesy of the Northampton Chronicle.

I had been planning to stick that up as video of the day and been done with it, but I’ve had to dig a little deeper for today’s violence themed videos of the day. First up, an incident of a Glasgow kiss miles away from home – Mexico in fact. Jesus Corona – mad goalkeeper stereotype for Cruz Azul – headbutts physical trainer of Morelia after their semi-final 2nd leg of the Mexican championship in which Morelia won with a 88th minute goal. “I know I said ‘let’s get physical’, but that’s not what I meant!!” the now Steve Bruce nosed physical trainer probably didn’t say.

And from the home of irrational and excessive violence, we’ve got this brawl. The Yankees and the Red Sox have one of the most heated rivalries in world sport and it’s good to see that the pointless animosity filters down through the ranks. This is what amounts to their version of their two reserve teams laying into each other because someone hit someone else with a ball during a game of American cricket.

If you’ve any videos of gratuitous sporting violence you’d like to share or would like to over-exaggerate an incident you’ve experienced in your own life, stick them in the comments section below.


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