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We Have A Winner …

by Aidan Elder | May 17, 2011

Last week I asked you to send in your amusing/accurate Eurovision charts and diagrams. It was in honour of some pretty, but also pretty worthless Eurovision statistics I cobbled together. In my defence, the statistics suggested that the winning song would be a love song, sung in English by someone Irish. In the end it was a love song, sung in English, but it was Azerbaijan who won it so there was no connection with Ireland – although I maintain that the guy looks like how Shane McGowan might if he opted for a life of clean living and homosexuality in his teens.

We had a good response and judging by the time devoted to many of the entries, there are a few offices around the place who may have suffered a huge drop off in productivity over the course of the last seven days or so. After counting up all our retweets, we’ve got a €/£70 Free Bet up for grabs and the winner is Paul Doherty who sent in this attempt, which amused us at first, but then stuck in the mind as being scarily accurate whilst our friends from the Caucasus raced to the top of the leaderboard.

We’re also handing out a few runners-up prizes of a €/£20 Free Bet – mainly to help cover the costs of printer ink or your crayons:
Runners Up
Phil Perkins
Mike Hill
Mark O’Connor
Shaun Kelly
Eoin O’Brioan

‘Didn’t listen to the instructions’ consolation prize:
Paul Burke – €10 Free Bet

Don’t go too far away from this part of the global super highway because we’ll have this week’s competition soon.


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