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by Aidan Elder | May 17, 2011

Partially to do something topical and partially to give the impression that everything we do in the Paddy Power Journalists’ Cupboard is well-thought out and planned, yet again this week’s competition revolves around a blog post. On Monday I took a look at a Premier League relegation battle that looks tighter than Paddy Power at pay review time, featuring my prediction about how the final day would pan out.

It’s going to take a bit of brain power and fortune-telling but for this week’s competition, I want you to send in your predictions of how the bottom of the Premier League table will look on Sunday evening. No need for fancy graphs – they’re pretty but they’re not going to get you any extra points on this occasion. Just give us each the order of the bottom 5 five team’s predicted league position (excluding West Ham), goal difference and points total. That sounded overly complicated, but it’s really just along the lines of this:

My Prediction – by Aidan (mental age 7 & 1/2)
15. Wolves Pts: 43 GD: -18
16. Blackburn Pts: 40 GD: -15
17. Birmingham Pts: 40 GD: -20
18. Wigan Pts: 40 GD: -22
19. Blackpool Pts: 39 GD: -23

Here’s the current league standings to help make your decision.
Move the teams up and down as you see fit and change points tallies and goal difference as appropriate to what you think is going to happen. Entries will be rated on accuracy based on the following criteria:

1. Correct league positions [I’m sure lots of people will land on the same combinations]
2. Correct points tallies associated with the teams [probably going to have a lot of similar answers a la (1)]
3. Correct goal difference

If after all that we have a few people with the same correct predictions, the winner will be drawn at random.

As ever, we’ve got a Free €/£50 Bet up for grabs, but that will increase by one €/£ with every Retweet of this tweet with the hashtag #ppblogcomp around the twittersphere. So put your prediction of how positions 15-19 will pan out along with your username in the comments section below and then spend Sunday screaming at the TV.

There’s only one entry per customer in this competition and if you enter more than once, your first entry will count and the others will probably be copied by someone else who’ll go on to win the whole thing. Get your entries in before 4pm on Sunday 22nd May

Best of luck

– Paddy Power decision is final. No moaning
– Retweeting bonus will be capped at €150 if we get that far
– Open to existing customers


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