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Daily Videos: Back-Referencing Special

by Aidan Elder | May 18, 2011

We’ve had themes for our last couple our Daily Video posts. Wow – we almost seem organised. Admittedly the themes were pretty tenuous, but that’s no reason not to back reference them. Today’s random videos would proudly be able to hold their own alongside Monday’s violence special and Tuesday’s Maarten ‘Butterfingers Stekelenburg drops the Dutch league trophy respectively.

First up a clip from (well, I don’t really know where – it kind of looks like the gym from Teen Wolf) the world of kickboxing. Some guy lands a beauty of a round-house kick to knock some poor unfortunate skinny guy spark out. Don’t worry, it’s ok to laugh because we seem he gets to his feet and he looks ok. Unless of course he suffered longer term neurological damage which will only manifest itself later in life – in which case we shouldn’t be laughing. Oh well, too late.

And in our second unnecessary back reference of the day, here’s some ice hockey guy accidently smashing up some trophy or other. It’s not the Stanley Cup – that much I know – but it still looks moderately important because there’s quite a lot of people there and they seem to be giving a f*ck. Maybe they’re just happy the game is over and there’s no more ice hockey to watch.

Oh yeah, it says it’s the Memorial Trophy in the title of the video. Still never heard of it.

If you’ve got a random video to show us or are just fond of a back-reference (I’m looking at you Dr. Fox) why not tell us about it in the comments section?


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