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Daily Videos: It’s Nearly The Weekend Special

by Aidan Elder | May 20, 2011

It’s Friday and we’re hoping the excitement of an impending weekend will distract you from the fact that today’s videos of the day aren’t all that funny – especially when you think about them. So don’t think about them.

First up some team in the US of A decide it’s ok to make themselves look like complete tools in pursuit of glory – I think it’s called the Man City Approach.

I don’t think the goal owes as much to the distraction part as it does to mentally slow defending. I don’t know who exactly plays for high school football teams in America, but I’m guessing a lot of them aren’t aspiring for college places.

Our second dose of football buffoonery comes from Germany where someone has hit the festivities hooch a little too hard – I think it’s called the Freddie Flintoff Approach. Borussia Dortmund recently won their 7th Bundesliga title (well not exactly recently, but they could only celebrate it now that the season’s over) and young Kevin Grosskreutz overdid it on the celebrations. If the wobbly arm-twirling and scarf-wrapped around the head aren’t enough of a clue that he’s pissed, then the sight of him being led to the portaloos by two security to have a good old puke confirms the suspicions. Go on son – it’ll do you good in the long run.

So yeah – woohoo – the weekend! Try to verbalise your happiness at that fact in the comments section or post any videos that are vaguely related to the above.


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