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Daily Videos: Rugby Bandwagon Jumping Special

by Aidan Elder | May 21, 2011

It’s Heineken Cup Final day and although we’ve already paid out on Leinster, the truth is Northampton have a few things going for them. They’ve got a powerful pack as this clip of them pushing the Newcastle scrum from the halfway line to the 22 demonstrates. I’m not sure it’s genuine. It looks realistic, but if it really was a real scrum wouldn’t it need to be reset about 15 times, waste about 5 minutes of game time before the referee randomly gives a penalty to either side for no real reason?

And it’s about as original as the Westlife back catalogue, but just because it’s way funnier than the vast majority of the parodies out there – here’s Hitler reacting to Leinster’s victory over Munster in the 2009 Heineken semi-final.

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