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We Have A Winner …

by Aidan Elder | May 23, 2011

Wow – for once my cynicism at the Sky Sports hype-machine looked ill-founded as the manufactured drama of ‘Survival Sunday’ montages matched the actual drama on the pitch. The relegation battle swung violently from side to side like Amy Winehouse after Happy Hour and in one way it was a shame that anyone had to get relegated. But in another more accurate way, Blackpool can’t defend, Birmingham can’t score and West Ham are West Ham so it’s perfectly fair.

All the drama was well and good, but did all these Premier League footballers even consider the impact it was having on our weekly Blog Competition? Last week I asked you to predict the order, points tally and goal difference of the 5 teams battling it out to avoid the drop and we got a fantastic response. Blackpool and Birmingham featured heavily below the line, but hardly anyone had Blackburn winning at Wolves. Maybe in retrospect we shouldn’t have been too surprised to see Wolves beat most of the big boys before stumbling to one of their relegation rivals, but it knocked a lot of predictions out of whack.

One person did however predict the unsurprising surprise and that means that this week’s €/£50 Free Bet plus €/£42 for a load of Retweets (thank you everybody) goes to modern day Nostradamus, mart246 who got it almost spot on by nailing the final positions, the correct points tally and getting scarily close to getting the goal difference right.

Mart246’s guess
15 BLACKBURN -12 43
16 WIGAN -20 42
17 WOLVES -21 40
18 BIRMINGH -22 39
19 BLACKPOOL -25 39

15 BLACKBURN -13 43
16 WIGAN -21 42
17 WOLVES -20 40
18 BIRMINGHAM -21 39
19 BLACKPOOL -23 39

Congratulations Mart246, you shall be our new Paul The Octopus.

We’ll have more competition based fun tomorrow.


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