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Fergie Loves Journalists Part 12,839

by Aidan Elder | May 25, 2011

Alex ‘Press Officers’ Worst Nightmare’ Ferguson likes journalists about as much as he likes an impartial referee. It’s not true to say he hates all media (he will allow the occasional Sky Sports reporter to give him the journalistic equivalent of a fluffing), but he doesn’t have a whole lot of time for a certain type of journalist – you know – those pesky ones who try to do their jobs by asking awkward questions.

Sir Alex hasn’t covered himself in glory yet again after being ‘caught’ on a live microphone asking if Man Utd can get a bit ‘General Pinochet’ on a journalist who had the audacity to ask a question he didn’t like. Ryan Giggs was mentioned, but arguably in the most favourable way he’s been spoken about in a few days. I believe it was something fairly innocuous like “do you plan to use Giggs out on the wing or in his preferred role of in the referee’s ear moaning about every single decision that he doesn’t give in United’s favour?” Anyway, the mic was still on and Fergie is heard politely ordering the journalist’s execution – or exclusion – I wouldn’t rule either out.

To be honest, I can’t make out exactly what he’s saying. To me it just sound like the disgruntled Glaswegian grumblings – pretty much like every other time I’ve heard Fergie speak. Apparently the conversation went:

Fergie: ‘The guy that asked the question about Giggsy – the press conference.’
PRO: ‘Which one?’ [there were rather a lot of them]
Fergie: ‘Him that asked the question… who?’ [again, not narrowing it down a whole lot]
PRO: ‘Oh yeah. I’ll tell you later.’
Fergie: ‘Who?’
PRO: ‘I’ll tell you later.’
Fergie: ‘Is he coming on Friday’
PRO: ‘The guy with the laptop?’
Fergie: ‘Aye *fans himself down with kilt*. Then we’ll get him. Ban him on Friday.’

Once again Fergie plays the media game with all the subtlety of a Paul Scholes tackle.


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