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Video: Sepp Blatter Bullshits His Way Through Current Crisis

by Rob Dore | May 31, 2011

It’s rare indeed that I find myself agreeing with the generally ill-thought out opinions of former Arsenal striker Ian Wright but he may have stumbled across quite a succinct and accurate description of FIFA under Sepp Blatter when he compared it to Goodfellas. That’s presuming he was referring to the Martin Scorsese gangster movie and not the pizza company. It’s Ian Wright so we can’t really be sure.

The FIFA don president has been dealing with this latest scandal with his usual arrogant indifference. With his only rival for the top job now suspended, Blatter looks set to be confirmed for another four years uncontested. Is it any wonder he feels he is above being scrutinized? It is clear there is no transparency within FIFA and with the only governance being done by people under the influence of Blatter, the rot is set to continue. His assertion that these current problems will be dealt with within the family, simply serves to heighten the gangster associations.

This press conference is little short of a farce and the manner with which he deals with one tenacious reporter’s efforts to get some honest, in-depth answers, says everything you need to know about the man in control of the most popular sport in the world. Anyone who seeks the truth and isn’t sated by his banal responses is a trouble maker. The reporters should have felt privileged to sit and bask in his glow for ten minutes. There was something reminiscent of the speeches George Bush Jnr in the way he throws words like integrity, respect and elegance about as though simply saying them somehow makes them true and applicable to himself. Pointing to the quality of the Champions League final as being some kind of proof that there is no crisis is ludicrous, much like his plans to have women footballers wear hot-pants whilst playing, but as long as a lunatic holds the keys to the asylum, this craziness will continue.


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