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Win A (Bigger Than) €/£50 Free Bet

by Aidan Elder | May 31, 2011

When we ran the idea for this week’s blog competition past the Paddy Power Legal Department, there were some jaws dropping and some rapidly whitening faces. I’ve not seen such concern come across their faces since we were putting the final touches to The 12 Gays Of Christmas – our plans to out one high profile athlete for each day of Christmas. Unsurprisingly that didn’t get the green light, but we’re putting our collective foot down to go ahead with this one.

We’re looking for the best caption to accompany the below image. And ‘best’ we’re generally talking about the funniest/wittiest/humourously shocking without being libellous caption.

Win A Free Bet

Stick your efforts into the comments section. There’s no limit to the amount of attempts you can have – apart from your own wit and the stamina of your fingers. Next Tuesday [it’s a Bank Holiday over here next Monday – not so smug now are ya UK? ; ) ] our team of comedy experts will convene to pick their favourite at which point a load of egotistical so and so’s will moan and claim that theirs was funnier. They may be right, but it’s our decision – so there.

The basic prize is a Free €/£50 Bet, but we’re pretending we’re with it by introducing a twitter element to it. For every retweet of this tweet we get, we’ll add one europound to the prize, which historically has bumped the prize fund up quite significantly.

Get the thinking caps on and good luck.
Get your entries in before Midnight on Monday 6th June. I’ll be busy enjoying my Bank Holiday until Tuesday, so we may as well leave it open until then.

– Paddy Power decision is final. No moaning
– Retweeting bonus will be capped at €150 if we get that far.
– Entrants must be over the age of 18 or at least know that Jedward aren’t the first to release Ice Ice Baby.


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