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Video: The Real Ronaldo

by Rob Dore | June 7, 2011

He may be referred to by many as the fat one but when it comes to talking about Ronaldos, he’s also the best one. His namesake Cristiano is a fantastically effective player, a wonderful physical specimen who has used his physicality to become one of the best players in the world. The real Ronaldo was once a more impressive physical specimen and one imbued with such skill and finishing ability that it’s surprising he isn’t mentioned more often in the all-time greatest discussions. That’s not to say he’s the best player of all-time but he certainly warrants inclusion.

Brazilian Ronaldo, as I shall call him, was a joy to watch in his pomp. His ability to beat players at full pace, his close control, his finishing ability, that killer burst of pace…the eulogy could go on but alas, for a certain generation all they have are vague memories of one of the World Cups worst hairdos, something to do withy transsexual hookers and a fat Brazilian who used to be quite good, apparently. The weight can be explained by the seemingly continuous surgeries on his knees and the necessary steroids he’s been on ever since. The other two I’m at a loss to explain.

What’s the point of this man-love ramble? Well, tonight one of my generations greatest players will make one last, ceremonial appearance in the yellow of Brazil as they take on Romania in a friendly and to mark the occasion Nike have made this video. If you’ve forgotten how good Ronaldo was then check out some of his goals on Youtube. If you do and you still think Cristiano is the better Ronaldo, you’re an idiot who watches football for fashion tips and celebrity gossip.


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