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Breaking News: Ryan Giggs In Need Of Belt

by Rob Dore | June 8, 2011

Oh for the want of some kind of apparatus which could have kept his genitalia hidden safely behind two layers of protective clothing. Even a pair of old-time/chic geek suspenders could have prevented so much suffering and distress because, according to his disturbingly disgruntled and almost jealous sounding auntie:

“One thing’s for sure – he can’t keep his trousers up.”

He also can’t keep his penis out of women he probably shouldn’t be putting it in. At least not according to the vague, shifting moral standards of modern society. To be honest I have but a passing in interest in the whole affair but I did spend ten whole minutes creating the above graphic so I thought I’d add some words too. What I did find funny was the story of him making moves on his brother’s mother-in-law, while he was having an affair with the daughter. Allegedly. Then of course there’s the humorous irony of Imogen Thomas claiming to be heartbroken because the guy she was having an affair with was having an affair on her. The story of the frog and the scorpion springs to mind…if the scorpion had sex with every frog it met.


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