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Daily Video: Flat Track Net Busting

by Aidan Elder | June 10, 2011

It’s been a rollercoaster ride of emotion and smuttiness looking for today’s obligatory YouTube clip. Not a very good rollercoaster, mind. Combining the little knowledge of French I have and my even littler knowledge of female sanitary products, I was curious to see what exactly the headline Le Tampon sur N’Zogbia was actually trying to communicate. I clicked and I was sorely disappointed. And not disappointed in the ‘disappointed with society’ way of 2 Girls 1 Cup. It was really just Charles N’Zogbia getting clattered by Wojiech Szczesny in the Poland v France game last night. It’s a great incident to communicate on the Scrabble board, less so in a brief YouTube clip.

I’ve had to look elsewhere for today’s dose of football motion pictures and it comes in the form of Jamaica playing a bit like Barcelona in the CONCACAF Gold Cup – a competition with less strength in depth than the Arsenal squad. ‘But Jamaica’s sporting prowess is confined to comical yet heroically heart-warming failures in the Winter Olympics and their never-ending production line of sprinters – they’re not supposed to be good at football’ you’re no doubt thinking at this stage and you’re right, but tis a good goal. Granted they’re knocking the ball around with total relaxation having already given the minnows of Grenada a sound trashing, but how many teams have knocked the ball around with total relaxation and NOT created a minor viral phenomenon? That’s right – too many. Population wise, Grenada is about the size of Cheltenham and convenient as it is to make the comparison between this and the town’s League 2 football club, the number of statues in this piece of defending doesn’t even belong in a blithe insult of the lower leagues. Sure it’s ‘just’ a cracking goal, but after watching far too many Aston Villa games this season, can there ever really be ‘just’ a cracking goal?


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