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by Aidan Elder | June 13, 2011

Last week we took Who’s Career Is It Anyway? international and after that proved to be a rip-roaring success, we’re taking it not only international but also to another sport. It’s a big week in silly pants wearing as the US Open gets underway somewhere in America and although I don’t want to give too many clues, this week’s athlete is best known for his or her achievements in the world of silly pants wearing.

We haven’t changed it too much – simply tell us who’s career is being represented with this transatlantic sprinkling of flags. Each flag represents a Major win in this person’s career and all their Major wins are represented. And just for the sake of clarification, that 4 shape beside the collection of flags is a 4 which is meant to signify the amount of times this person won in this place – wherever it may be. And don’t worry, there is a lot of cartographical license taken in this one too – Britain isn’t now snuggled up nicely to America in real life – despite the best efforts of Tony Blair and George Dubya.

Win A Free Bet

As ever, send your guess to with the subject line “I know who your silly pants wearer is”. You can have more than one guess, because I’d imagine it’s pretty tricky, especially if you’re not really a big fan of golf or you’re @PPOffers. Entries in the comments section will NOT count so I’d recommend using that area of the page for criticising of my map-making abilities, expressing extreme self-confidence or throwing your competitors off the scent.

Get your answers in before midnight on Sunday 19th June and in the likely event we have more than one correct answer the winner will drawn at random. We’ll start the prize as a £/€50 Free Bet, but for every retweet we get of this tweet, we’ll add one £/€ to the prize. And I’m going to tweet it now, so already that’s €/£51. Cool.

Best of luck.

– Paddy Power decision is final. If you moan we’ll find out where you live and throw eggs at your house.
– Max prize will be £/€150 no matter how many retweets more than that we get.
– Entrants must have a account and be over the age of 18 or at least have a pretty convincing fake ID.


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