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Daily Video: Cows Object To Cycling

by Aidan Elder | June 14, 2011

The Tour de France isn’t on for a couple of weeks yet, but cyclists have been busy fine tuning their drug test evasion skills elsewhere in the build-up to the big race. Today’s obligatory video of the day brings together a peleton and a few unruly cows who may or may not be making some sort of protest. If you need clarification as to who’s who, one’s a group of animals pumped full of a load of chemicals in order to achieve seemingly impossible results and the other’s cyclists. To be honest, I’m not even sure who I’m insulting in that joke. Take that Common Agricultural Policy – zing.

Anyway – cows, cyclists, crashing, chuckles. My particular favourite is the brown cow on the left of the picture about 25 seconds in who looks like he’s about to get in on the fun and games before having a moment of bovine conscience and deciding against it.


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