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Videos Of The Day: Karma Disappoints

by Aidan Elder | June 21, 2011

Absolutely nothing of interest happened in the world on Sunday and that was why there was no video of the day yesterday. Or if something of interest did happen, no-one was pointing at a camera it. Today we adopt the ‘quantity over quality’ approach with not one, but two clips around the theme of sporting injustice.

There won’t be much sympathy for the victim in our first video. After his shite-bag handball and subsequent ‘I’m really a good guy’ sympathy act after the final whistle a couple of years back in Paris, we’ve got an axe to grind and hopefully one day wield in the direction of Thierry Henry. He got sent off for the New York Red Bulls at the weekend for the type of vaguely physical minor assault that you might do to a sibling in the back of the car on a long journey. Apparently it went down as ‘violent conduct’ but it’s about as violent as an episode of the Tellytubbies.

Karma? Well, only if karma isn’t a sports fan and thinks a meaningless regular season MLS game is the same as playing off for a place in the World Cup. Our second clip of sporting injustice is a goal for Panama that differed from your average goal in one way – it didn’t cross the line. It wasn’t even an insignificant goal that we can be all indignant about but ultimately didn’t matter – this was almost the last kick/header of the game and the goal brought the game into extra time before Panama won on penalties and knocked El Salvador out of the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Stinger. Still though, I hope FIFA don’t bring in goal-line technology or else there’s going to be a lot less potential Videos of the Day.


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