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Daily Video: Sore Losers Special

by Aidan Elder | June 23, 2011

Late last night, when members of the Paddy Power Journalists’ Team were busying sleeping, harassing the female nightclub going population of Dublin and making a scale model of the Titanic out of bread in his basement respectively, South America crowned their continental club champions. The Copa Libertadores is like their version of the Champions League, but a kind of utopian Champions League where more than 3 teams have a chance of winning it and there’s no chance of a tedious knock-out tie between two English sides. Anyway, Santos won thanks in part to a goal from the Real Madrid/Chelsea/hopefully hairdresser bound Neymar and if you’re that way inclined, you can check out the match highlights here, featuring far too many action replays. What grabbed our attention wasn’t the silky South American skills, it was the 50 man brawl that kicked off when the final whistle went. Clearly upset by losing the match or not having as nice hair as Neymar, Penarol got punchy, thankfully filling the requirement for a random YouTube video for today.
Hooray for senseless violence!


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