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by Aidan Elder | June 28, 2011

In keeping with the recent theme of trying to seem like we know what’s going on by tying our Weekly Whose Career Is It Anyway to something topical, this week our collection of flags tackles the world of boxing. This week sees the girlish bitching between David Haye and Wladimir Klitchsko, hopefully culminating with some actual boxing on Saturday night that may, but probably won’t make £14.95/€21.95 feel like value for money.

The sharper witted amongst will have already glanced down the page and noticed that this week’s map looks like North America, but with the notable omission of Mexico, Canada and much of the contents of the Caribbean. The less bright won’t have noticed anything amiss and to them I say – Federal Law of the United States of America means Paddy Power cannot take customers from the USA – sorry, maybe if you moved to Europe you could have a bet, but that would almost certainly mean you’d have to shoot less people. As inaccurate as we know the map is, this is actually the standard issue map of the world as approved by the United States Board of Education.

Each flag represents a location where this person fought for a world title. And there’s no trick – it’s not like the Ultimate Warrior fighting for the Intercontinental Belt – these were all for legitimate world titles.

Win A Free Bet

I think it’s a toughie, but I’ve said that loads of times before only to be on the receiving end of an avalanche of correct answers laced with a large dose of smugness. As ever, send your answer to with the subject line ‘Let’s Get Ready To Gruuummmmmbbbbblllllllllleeeeeee’. You’re allowed more than one entry per person and if we get more than one correct answer – as we always do thanks to the exceptionally clever folk who read the blog – there will be a draw to decide the winner.

The winner will get their hands on a prize of as yet an undetermined amount. It will be at least a €/50 Free Bet, but as long as enough people pimp this competition out on the social networking sites of this world, that’s liable to increase substantially. For every retweet of this tweet we get, we’ll add £/€1 to the prize fund, but this week we’re also including the outdated old man of social networking, Facebook. For every time this competition gets shared on Facebook (just follow the subtle sign that directs you to the Facebook button below), we’ll also add a Europound which could make it the most lucrative Whose Career Is It Anyway of all time. And by all time I mean the last couple of months.

Get your entries in before midnight on Sunday 3rd July. The terms and conditions are too boring to reproduce so read them elsewhere if you want to brush up on them, but just remember that our decision is final and all moaning will do is get you a reputation as a loud shag.

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