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Prince Harry Hooks Up With Someone Once In Paddy Power Marketing Campaign Or Something

by Aidan Elder | June 29, 2011

This morning started with the sound of excessive back-slapping and mutual adoration amongst the folks who make up the Paddy Power marketing department – so basically in the same way as every other morning. Today, the back-slapping was a little louder than normal as not for the first time in their history, they were happily taking credit for something that had very little to do with them.

It turns out that one of the 3.5 billion women currently on Prince Harry’s radar of love was the recent star of a Paddy Power Ad. No, not the middle aged man who boots the cat into the tree or Carlton Palmer, the one that starts off like it was dreamt up by a panel of soppy middle-class women who were mainlining estrogen at the time. You know, this one:

She’s Florence Brudenell-Bruce or Flo Bru-Bru to use the name she’d go by on Made In Chelsea. She used to date Jenson Button, but now Prince Harry is all over her like ginger on Mick Hucknall’s shower mat. Having successfully covered all the stories about war, famine and injustice in the world, The Sun have covered the story in unnecessary detail today revealing that the Prince has ditched Chelsy Fru-Fru Minky Davy once and for all (it’s probably not once and for all) and started dating ‘our’ Florence. We’ve been told to say ‘our’ but in reality she’s an actress we hired once for an ad and she hasn’t kept in contact since, so that claim of ownership is especially tenuous. The Daily Mail have even sacrifed a couple of pages normally reserved for casual racism to talk about the budding messy break-up romance.

“She is a lot of fun, blonde and very good-looking,” explained one of The Sun’s infamous and not at all made up by someone sitting at a desk sources. She’ll also be able to hold her own at royal engagements and not just by nodding politely along with Prince Phillip every time he starts one of his ‘coming over here, taking our jobs’ rants. She’s into high art and treats it in the same way other women treat a trip to Miss Selfridges – “My dad is a collector so I followed him. I get more pleasure out of collecting art than buying clothes – that’s how I justify it. Whenever I finish a shoot, I come home with another piece under my arm.”

Could it be that the Prince noticed her from being in one of our ads and instantly fell head over heels in love? Or could it be she spends too much time in her knickers for Harry not to notice? Either way, there’s the plot of a new Mills & Boon in there somewhere. If he was going to crack on to someone in a Paddy Power ad, it’s a pity he didn’t try the lad who comes in and makes the balloon animal- now that would ruffle a few tiaras around Buck Palace.

In related news, The Sun and the Paddy Power Blog are said to be battling it out for this year’s Pulitzer Prize.

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