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Daily Video: Against Nature Special

by Aidan Elder | July 3, 2011

We like to think of ourselves as mavericks in the Paddy Power Scribblers’ Department. We like to challenge widely accepted social conventions such as writing needing to be good in order to get people to read it and payment being dependent on a minimum of an average level of productivity. If there’s a prevailing protocol that illogically impacts the type of life an individual wants to live, we like to question it in the hope of kicking down a few doors for those trail-blazers who go against the grain of society’s expectations. Why can’t a man get a job on the Loose Women panel? Why can’t women be professional sperm donors? When will we knock down the barriers and smash those glass ceilings that stop so many from fulfilling their ambitions.

Our pursuit of an utopian future isn’t endless however and we know exactly where our fight for equality and vocational parity comes to an abrupt end – male cheerleaders. It’s just wrong. And that’s not down to homophobia or the fact a man in a cheerleader’s outfit robs us the chance of seeing another pair of boobs, it just doesn’t look right. Take this guy in China. Sure he’s got the moves, sure he has the dexterity to get into some pretty spine-threatening positions, but is it the kind of act likely to a professional athlete the extra motivation required to inspire victory? A man with a pair of pom-poms is like a screaming pilot running around with a parachute – extremely disturbing and not something you ever want to see.

For some reason I get the impression that unless he’s planning adoption or there are some major advances in biology over the next few years, the One Child Policy isn’t going to impact hugely his life.


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