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Video: Women’s World Cup Handball Madness….Seriously, WTF?

by Rob Dore | July 4, 2011

If you didn’t watch the Women’s World Cup group game between Australia and Equatorial New Guinea, and I’m going to work on the presumption that you didn’t, then you missed out on an incident which trumps Graham Poll’s three yellow cards, Frank Lampard’s disallowed goal or even Maradona’s Hand of God.

The Aussie striker takes a shot, it hits the post and Equatorial defender Bruna catches the ball, carries it for a few steps and then drops it back for her goalkeeper to pick up and continue the game. The Aussie players go mad but not one of the officials seems to have noticed or if they did, they just don’t care.

There’s a good, close-up replay about 40 seconds in.


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