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We Have A Winner!

by Aidan Elder | July 4, 2011

The avalanche of correct answers I got moments after publishing last week’s blog competition immediately put paid to my hopes that I’d just created a monster of a Whose Career Is It Anyway? that would wreck the heads of many for the duration of the week. As the week went on however, it soon became apparent that it wasn’t the tap-in those early entries suggested it might be. Quite a lot of people struggled with it and just the thought of all that spent brainpower in vain gives me a warm feeling at night when I cuddle up with my jar of unicorn tears MWAH HAHAHAHAHAHA! [That’s my attempt at a Bond villain laugh]

The sneaky catch this week was that wasn’t Las Vegas on the western side of the map as a lot of people seemed to presume. At the time when this week’s boxer was fighting, the glitz, glamour and gambling of Las Vegas was still just a twinkle in the eye of the Mafia and most people visited to try their luck in the mines rather than the roulette table. This week’s obligatory mildly derisory mention goes to Colm Crowley, who ran the risk of expulsion for his carpet bombing approach to getting the right answer, but then avoided it because he still didn’t manage to land on the correct answer!
It wasn’t any of – to quote precisely –

Manny Pacquiao
Floyd Mayweather
Ricky Hatton
Vitali Klitschko
Wladamir Klitschko
Juan Manuel Marquez
Shane Mosley
Oscar De la hoya
marco antonio barrera
Bernard Hopkins
Amir Khan
George Foreman
Joe Frazier
Muhammed Ali
Micky Ward
Lennox Lewis
Evander Holyfield
Mike Tyson
david haye
sugar ray
joe calzaghe

Basically the only other boxer in the world not mentioned on the list was Jack Dempsey and that’s the name we where looking for. There was some mild disagreement about his world title fights, but we went with what it said on Wikipedia and that told us he fought for world titles in Ogden (Utah), Toledo (Ohio), Benton Harbour (Michigan), Jersey City, Madison Square Garden, Polo Grounds New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago. We had lots of correct answers, even more wrong ones and the name pulled out of the hat and therefore this week’s winner is Mike Silman. We had lots and lots of people shamelessly plugging the competition on the social networking sites and for that I’m very thankful, but Mike will be extra thankful because with the 33 Retweets and 67 Facebook shares, the original £50 Free Bet has become a whopping £150 Free Bet. Congratulations Mike – some Follow Friday action towards your fellow Paddy Power tweeters may be in order.

Thanks for all your entries and even if you got the right answer, but didn’t win then at least you have the smug satisfaction you were right and it was only pure chance that denied you glory. Plus it exercised the old grey matter a bit and that’s no bad thing. If you got it wrong … well … your crumb of comfort is breathing is pretty straightforward and we’ll have another Whose Career Is It Anyway? coming very soon.

Thanks for taking part.


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