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Win A Free Bet Of At Least €/£50 But Probably A Lot More

by Aidan Elder | July 5, 2011

To cover up our lack of new ideas for a blog competition, once again we’re pretending that we’re adapting Whose Career Is It Anyway? to be topical and vaguely related to something of middling importance happening this week. For the week that’s in it – and for your information, it’s going to be a week of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button making patriotic noises about winning the British Grand Prix only to witness Sebastian Vettel disappearing over the horizon – WCIIA? goes Formula One for a week.

Don’t let that minor change in format discombobulate you – it’s pretty much the same as always. Except this is the worst map I’ve done for the competition. The scale is terrible – in real life, western Europe is nowhere near the size of all of north America and until now I never realised that taken out of the context of Asia, Japan can look like pretty much any bunch of islands – in this case not dissimilar to the Outer Hedbrides off Scotland’s west coast. And I’m not sure that’s a place with enough glitz and glamour to have ever been a destination on the Formula One calendar. The below chequered flags represent the entire collection of F1 victories of one particular driver.

Win A Free Bet

That’s it – pretty straightforward. As ever send your answer to with the subject line “Vrooom Vrooom, is this really a sport any more?” You’re allowed to have more than one guess, but within reason. Anyone who copies and pastes the A-Z of F1 drivers will get disqualified.

We start the prize at a princely sum of a €/£50 Free Bet, but we’d like to inflate more than Ashley Cole’s ego after he heard that Cheryl wants him back. ‘How do we do that?’ I’m kind of hoping you’re asking right about now and I’ll tell you. Retweet this tweet and/or share this post on facebook (there’s a subtle signpost to the relevant button below) and we’ll add £/€1 to the prize for every time it happens. Last week it turned the prize into a £150 Free Bet and I’m led to believe that’s already been spent on backing Vettel to be a dot on the horizon by about the 4th lap of the British Grand Prix. Get your answers in before 1pm on Sunday 10th July. That’s clearly a few hours earlier than the normal midnight deadline we give you, but – who knows – maybe that’s because there’s a chance the map may need updating by the time the race ends. Or maybe it doesn’t and that was a red herring to make your job more difficult.

– Maximum size of Free Bet will be €/£150, regardless of the number of Retweets/Shares beyond that.
– Paddy Power decision is final and moaning will result in a taunting.
– Entrants must have a valid account and be old enough to remember a time when Michael Schumacher was a highly rated youngster and not an aging money-grabber.

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