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Man Utd Offer Fans Chance To Buy Pig In A Poke

by Aidan Elder | July 6, 2011

United Pig In A Poke

Man Utd and replica jerseys have something of a chequered past. There was a point in the 90s when it felt like they were releasing a new kit on a monthly basis with such sales pitches as ‘mark United’s famous 2-0 win away to Rapid Vienna with our limited edition Alpine theme jersey’. After incurring the wrath of countless mothers for rendering the new purchased latest jersey obsolete every couple of weeks, the club are dipping a toe back in the jersey-flogging water with a new ‘innovative and not at all likely to end in a series of complaints’ promotion.

Now you too can simulate the experience of what it’s like to buy a young English player by handing over a wad of cash for something of as yet undetermined value thanks to United’s latest jersey initiative. The club aren’t releasing the away kit for the new season until next week, but you can part with your hard earned cash now by buying it without seeing what it looks like – what an offer! We know a few things about it – it’s probably going to feature a Man Utd crest, use the Micheal Jackson colour scheme of being largely black or largely white and it will prompt teams coached by Sam Allardyce to roll over whenever they glimpse it – but apart from that, it could really be anything and would you not just wait for a week to make sure you like it?

If you really want to test how far fans are willing to take their levels of dedication/gross stupidity to support the club, then why not take it ask fans to place their wallets in collection points around Old Trafford on the way home from matches. Although I’m sure the Glazers have already considered it.


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