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We Have A Winner …

by Aidan Elder | July 11, 2011

On one hand, last week’s Blog Competition was a resounding success. On the other, it went about as well as a Jenson Button tyre change. We had lots of correct answers, we had lots of wrong answers and some people threw some compliments my way about the quality of the maps so in theory, it went splendidly. There was a minor cloud in the shape of people not reading the instructions properly.

Yes, the correct answer was posted in the comments section for a time last week, but thanks to the fact no-one cares what anyone else thinks, very few people read it and therefore benefited. Sadly the pesky European Union dictated that I had to take a couple of days off last week and it stayed there for a couple of days, but overall it didn’t really have a huge impact on the competition. And it’s scant consolation if you spent lots of time and precious brain-power working out the answer fair and square, but plenty of people had already landed on the correct answer prior to that, so we were heading for an open draw and the vagaries of chance anyway.

This week the prize was a £50 Free plus £35 for Retweets and £16 for Facebook shares so the grand total from the initial prize and bribery comes to a whopping £101 Free Bet. And the winner of that prize is Michael Sims who told us the correct answer was James Hunt and then had to good fortune to be drawn at random.

Thanks for all your answers, whether they be right, wrong or shamelessly lickarsey. We’ll have more competition fun soon.


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