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by Aidan Elder | July 11, 2011

Another week another chance to crack open the map, Wikipedia and then cross your fingers hoping to be drawn out of the hat. Last week we had lots of correct answers – thanks in no small part to someone publishing the answer in the comments section. In the interests of fairness/pointing out the obvious, I would like to reiterate that answers entered into the comments section WILL NOT be counted towards the competition. I briefly wrote in capitals there as if I was annoyed, but I’m not – it’s just I want anyone who actually works it out to have a better chance of winning.

So in short, use the comments section for complimenting my maps, general lickarsing or throwing some red herrings around the place, but don’t put your answer there – not if you want to improve your chances of actually winning. Now, on with this week’s competition. It’s the Open this week so to be topical, we’re asking you to indentify the golfer whose total haul of Major wins are being represented by the flags in the below image.

Win A Free Bet

Send your answer to with the subject line “Major wins? Well, I know for a fact it’s not Sergio Garcia”. If you’re struggling, don’t worry, you can have more than one guess. In fact, you can have a few guesses, but just don’t take the piss by copying and pasting the archives of the R&A into an email. Get your answers in before 6pm on Sunday, 17th July because maybe the map could be on the verge of being inaccurate if this player has a good few days. Or maybe I’m talking crap to make this competition seem more difficult that it really is. In the very likely event that we have more than one correct answer, all the correct answers will put into a metaphorical hat and the winner drawn at unmetaphorical random.

The prize starts off at £/€50, but if we get enough tweeting/facebook sharing and general pimping the competition around the interweb, that should increase substantially. We’re offering the princely sum for €/£1 for every retweet of this tweet and sharing of this post on Facebook, which should make the prize fund substantially bigger. So go ahead, pester your friends on social networking sites. Firstly, they’re not your real friends and secondly, they’re probably talking about such crap as why ‘Harper Seven’ is actually quite a cool name and why Transformers 2 is under-rated so telling people about this competition would actually be far more interesting.

Good luck!

– Paddy Power decision is final. Moaning will be largely ignored.
– The maximum the prize can get to is €/£150.
– Entrants must be over the age of 18, have a account or remember a time when Sandy Lyle was a decent golfer and not just a middle aged man who turns up at the Open every year.

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