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Video: But Mum, Lionel Messi Dives And He’s The Best Player In The World!

by Rob Dore | July 12, 2011

Don’t worry this isn’t a video of some whingeing kid seconds away from getting a slap from his frazzled mother but it is a video of Lionel Messi hitting the deck like Audley Harrsion fighting on a boat. Hmmm…not so sure about that analogy but I have a point to make and I shan’t be derailed by poor imagery. What does it mean for the game of football when its idol, its Achilles, its Leonardo Da Vinci displays such base and dishonourable conduct? Where the piper leads the children shall follow. We are living in dark times, mired in our own self-interest, motivated by our own greed. First falls Messi, then football, then society as we know it!! Dear lord, won’t someone think of the children!!!!

He actually played really well last night pulling the strings in a 3-0 win, which bodes well for Argentina’s Copa America chances.


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