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Video: Shevchenko Shows Real Class On The Pitch

by Rob Dore | July 12, 2011

In an age when most footballers only care about fans if you’re blonde, big breasted and swear you won’t go talking to the press or if you can add to their ego-inflating numbers on Twitter, it’s nice to see one player remember that without the fans they’d be playing in a field with their mates for little more than the prize of not buying the first round.

Andrei Shevchenko was much dirided for his poor spell at Chelsea but we are quick to forget everything he achieved with Dynamo Kiev and AC Milan. On top of being a fantastic footballer he also seems a pretty good guy too. Here he is, back with Dynamo Kiev, stepping in to save an over-excited fan from being hauled off by security. He even gives him his shirt and, more importantly, a hug before the fan was allowed to rejoin his mates in the crowd. Quality.


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