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Video: Who Says Germans Don’t Have A Sense Of Humour?

by Rob Dore | July 14, 2011

There haven’t been and mutilating crashes in the Tour de France and the only football action is of top quality players looking amazing in training or against rubbish opposition. I nutmegged my eight-year old nephew out the back garden last week but you don’t see me putting it up on youtube….mainly because my six year old niece was pointing the camera at her new shoes and not at her 31-year old uncle being an asshole.

Here’s something slightly different. Werder Bremen are improving team-bonding byracing ponies. This is a club which has banned it’s players from getting tattoos because the risk of infection is too great, yet they’re happy to allow millions of euros worth of football talent be dragged along behind a wild animal at speeds of ten or maybe fifteen miles an hour. Madness from all angles. You only need to watch the first thirty seconds or so…which is about the attention span pf your average internet user anyway…in fact I’m presuming you’ve skipped this part completely and have either buggered off elsewhere or are already watching the video.


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