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Video: Say It Ain’t So Robbo!

by Rob Dore | July 18, 2011

Here is a video of Bryan Robson explaining how buying something for £3 million and selling it for £150 million is something called “good business”. Apparently this is some new fangled concept where people try to make something called a “profit”. It sounds like a crazy concept but we’re listening, carry on….

This footage was caught as part of an exposé by Channel 4’s Dispatches team into foreign investment into the Premier League. Until we see the full program there’s not much more we can do but speculate. As it is this looks like a disillusioned former player who missed out on the mega-wages of the Premier League, has failed as a manager and has been left with a more cynical view of the game.

We love a good exposé here but this smacks of BBC’s underwhelming Panorama special which looked into dodgy transfer dealings in England. If Robbo is doing something dodgy then expose away but if he’s just trying to make a litte money for himself in a cynically distasteful but legal way, then this will be another non-story.

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