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Video: Yay A Fight!!!!

by Rob Dore | July 25, 2011

Just because he has a ponytail doesn’t mean he’s going to fight like a girl, well actually he does but that girl happens to be Katie Taylor. Here’s Mauro Camoranesi landing a tasty right-cross on Juan Pablo Rodriguez during a pre-season friendly between Lanus and All Boys. When things kick off watch as Rodriguez turns his head away and just flaps his arms blindly until enough players come over to hold him back so he can act all mental without the risk of being punched again. Camoranesi, on the other hand, doesn’t turn away or flap his arms about. He stays in the pocket, lands his shot and waits for the opportunity to do it again. Legend.

Oh yeah, of course we don’t condone violence on the football pitch….blah-blah…bad for the kids…blah-blah, whatever.


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