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We Have A Winner …

by Aidan Elder | July 25, 2011

It’s been a while since we went for Missing Words competition on the Paddy Power Blog and clearly in its absence there’s clearly been a build-up of hilarity waiting to be liberated. And the usual build-up of charming mental instability. We had loads of really amusing answers to last week’s competition and loads of them gave us a right good chuckle. Except the person who tried a Harry Potter reference. It may well be funny, I just don’t know. Not being a CHILD, the CHILDREN’S series of books and movies aimed at CHILDREN are something of a cultural blindspot for me. You may as well throw in a few wise cracks about Babylonian irrigation techniques – I’m just not going to get them.

The winner of this week’s competition is Daryl Fenlon who came up with:

Free Bet Winner

And thanks to the power of social networking, the original €50 prize has been inflated rather substantially and Daryl gets a Free €90 Bet. Congratulations Daryl. And now I’ll stop saying Daryl.

P.S. Sorry, I would have had the winner earlier, but there was a piece of dirt on my laptop screen that made the L in his surname look like a T (they don’t look similar now, but imagine their lower case counterparts) and I spent most of today looking for a Fenton. My bad.

We’ll have more competition fun after I clean my screen.
(well, clearly that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean)


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