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Paddy Power Blackberry Launched

by Aidan Elder | July 26, 2011

Paddy Power now available on small bush fruit!

Ok, we’re not exactly on the cutting edge of technology in the Paddy Power Email-writing Department. One day soon we’ll get around to transferring all our Betamax to this new VHS stuff, but even we know that a Blackberry in this instance is some sort of phone rather than a delicious wild berry. It’s just the opportunity to say ‘small bush’ presents itself so rarely and we’re too childish to ignore it.

If you own a Blackberry, now you can use it for something other than being your boss’s lapdog! We’ve got our techie guys to do something we don’t understand and now you can access a version of dedicated entirely to the Blackberry. Here’s a list of stuff we hope will impress you:

– Just log on to on your Blackberry to check it out.

– It’s so FAST it’s speed can only be conveyed in capital letters. Place a bet in a mere 4 clicks!

– Quick access to registration, deposit and withdraw facilities.

– Access to all markets from the homepage.

– Betting In Running on the homepage so you can get to your bet QUICKLY!

– It’s now much easier to place your bets – singles, multiples and those mad permutation bets only old men in betting shops seem to fully understand.

If you’ve got a Blackberry, then it’s worth your while checking it out. If you’ve got any other type of smart phone, then we’ve got an iPhone or Android app for you. If you’ve neither a Blackberry or a smart phone, well then this email is pretty useless to you. Although we can sell you something called an ‘audio cassette’. We hear they’re going to be huge.


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