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Win A Blackberry Torch

by Aidan Elder | July 26, 2011

Win A Blackberry Torch

In a welcome break with the tradition of the weekly blog competition, this week our blog competition is both topical and has a fantastic prize up for grabs.

The lovely folk at Paddy Power Mobile have recently launched for the Blackberry and to shamelessly garner attention for this technological development, we’re giving you the chance to win a Blackberry Torch – a phone that someone tells us is worth quite a lot of money – so much money in fact that none of the Paddy Power Journalists were allowed to hold it earlier when it was whipped out of an office drawer. And rightly so.

Here’s how to win:
We’re asking you to tell us which historical figure would you text and what would you say to them? For example:

To: Abraham Lincoln
Hey Abe. Wouldn’t bother goin 2 the theatre 2nite, the 2nd act is a bit crap anyway.

There’s no limit to word count, but bear in mind it is meant to be a text message of 160 characters or less so an essay won’t really do the job. Young person text-speak is optional, but humour and wit is not.

We’re judging the quality of the answers by the number of thumbs up they get. So if you enter, it’s in your interests to get your friends/family/casual acquaintances/former spouses/people you see regularly on the train/that nice guy who installed the Sky a while back to give your answer a thumbs up on the blog (exactly what we’re talking about pictured below) Stick your answers in the comments section below and then get the finger out by looking for some thumbs up. And feel free to have more than one go, but be warned, that could split the vote.

Full Instructions for Thumbs Ups
Obviously we’ll get quite a few entries, so this is the best way to get your friends to “Thumbs up” your specific comment. If you click the time and date link on your comment you will get a link like this: —-> Your friends will be brought straight to your comment once you share your link on Facebook, Twitter etc. Not Bebo, no one is on that.

We’re going to take the top 5 answers with the most thumbs up and the top 5 answers as judged by our editorial team (not already with a lot of thumbs up), stick them in a metaphorical hat pick a winner at random. It’s worth your while because (a) you’re hilarious and (b) aside from the quality first prize of a Blackberry Torch, we’re also giving away 5 x £/€50 Mobile Free Bets as runners up prizes.

The closing date for the competition will be midnight on Tuesday 2nd August and we’ll announce the winner and runners up when I’m finished checking facebook the following morning.

Best of luck.

– Paddy Power decision is final.
– Paddy Power will provide the phone from Vodafone – unlocking/changing of networks etc will be left to the competition winner.
– Anyone suspected of cheating and going against the good spirit of the competition (and we have the technology to tell) will be excluded
– Competition open to Paddy Power customers and anyone who likes this competition and hurriedly opens an account in the next few minutes only.

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