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Alien Spacecraft or U.F.No ?

by Aidan Elder | July 27, 2011

As Mulder would say “we believe”.
Millions don’t, but we think there may be something else out there. We totally believe it’s possible that a bunch of creatures vaguely resembling humans can navigate their way around the universe in a metal contraption. But that’s the sort of things that happens when you get a lot of public transport around Dublin.

Over the years, Paddy Power has been involved with several innovative publicity stunts marketing exercises, but a recent flurry of bets on the Existence of Alien Life could see the realisation of one of our most ambitious projects yet. As a result of the extraterrestrial plunge, we could be sponsoring a Swedish ocean explorer as he and his crew attempt to find out if there really is a spaceship at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. It’s genuinely ground-breaking because it could be the first time in history that the Paddy Power Marketing Department sign up for a deal that doesn’t require them to stand at the bar, quaffing champagne and talking about how they’re ‘well in’ with the models who are paid to laugh at their jokes.

In what we’re assuming is the Swedish mariner’s version of the ‘African prince scam’, sea-explorer, Peter Lindbergh says using sonar, his crew have indentified a circular object of 60 metres in diameter on the seabed. Yeah – that’s clearly a crashed alien spacecraft and not just a round-ish lump at the bottom of the sea. ‘Dear gullible business, for a small initial outlay, we can raise this object off the seabed, sell the alien bodies to the US government and share the vast riches with you. Your investment will be returned many times over when we sell the technology and all the cheques clear’ an email somewhere in the marketing department probably reads.

Anyway, they attached some photos and to describe them as ‘inconclusive’ is doing them a favour not dissimilar to labelling Mario Balotelli as ‘colourful’.

Sea Explorer

Sea Explorer

That really could be anything. Some of the suggestions we’ve had from around the office include:

– a super-sized Pacman fossil
– Peter Crouch’s footprint
– a moon crater
– A Swedish loony’s photoshopping skills
– ‘I dunno. A sunken ship that over time has become eroded and circular in shape?’
– just the bottom of the sea looking like the bottom of the sea
– definitely not an alien spaceship (that was a popular choice)

Any further suggestions are welcome. We’ll keep you up to date on any developments – right from the moment we decide to sponsor the expedition to the moment Mr. Lindbergh inexplicably vanishes with all the money and we receive intermittent reports of sightings of him in South America.

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