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Video: Footballers Can Do Anything!!…except rap…

by Rob Dore | July 27, 2011

What is it about sitting on the bench with little hope of getting a game that inspires footballers to plunge into the musical depths of their souls? Is it the dream of being the sole recipient of a cheering crowd’s adoration? Or perhaps a sense of self-righteousness a burning anger at the injustice of being left on the sidelines, their talent going unrecognised and unappreciated?

Or maybe it’s because they have too much money and spare time and are surrounded by people who think everything they do is amazing. It’s not just the unused subs who have tried to find the musician within.

Here’s Real Madrid’s Royston Drenthe with his rap single “Jemay-Lee”. It’s in Dutch and seeing as I’ve failed to pick up a single word of the language, despite yearly pilgramages to Amsterdam, it’s hard to tell whether it’s any use or not. However, going on previous experience of footballers trying to be rappers (John Barnes, Andy Cole, Ryan Babel, the triumvirate of Benni McCarthy, Mario Melchiot and Dean Gorre), it’s most likely complete and utter shite.

If anyone out there speaks Dutch, let me know what he’s saying and there’ll be a free bet in it for you.


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