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David Norris Refund

by Aidan Elder | August 5, 2011

As Leopold Bloom may have said to Stephen Dedalus at some point in the book we never read “I stand, so to speak, with an unposted letter before the too late box of the general post office of human life..”

Yeah, we don’t have a clue what any of that’s about either, but we do no one thing for certain, Senator David Norris won’t be the Next Irish President after withdrawing from a contest he probably wasn’t going to be allowed enter anyway. The odyssey that he hoped would end up in the Aras was over before it even got started, but Paddy Power customers won’t be out of pocket thanks to our Justice Payouts.

We’re refunding all bets on Norris to be Next Irish President. Sure he was arguably the only candidate who could really turn it into a position of significance and use it for the progression of equality and social justice, but the political system means he wouldn’t have got the support required to take his campaign to the people who could have then passed their own judgment on his ill-advised letter-writing.

Still though, money back if you backed him. Everyone’s a winner. Except of course the nation.

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